TN AG Calls for Senate Action on Laken Riley Act

TN Attorney General urges Senate to pass immigration-related Laken Riley Act.
Public Safety

NASHVILLE – Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti is spearheading an initiative with a 26-state coalition to prompt the United States Senate to expedite the passage of the Laken Riley Act. In a concerted effort to address what they believe are the negative consequences of current immigration policies, the coalition believes this legislation is crucial for preventing future tragedies.

The Laken Riley Act, formally known as H.R. 7511, was introduced in response to the murder of Laken Riley, a case that has ignited a fiery debate on immigration policy and public safety. The bill mandates the detention of any illegal alien charged with crimes such as larceny, burglary, theft, or shoplifting and has already cleared the U.S. House of Representatives with a significant bipartisan majority of 251-170.

In a press statement, General Skrmetti expressed his condolences to Riley’s family and friends and emphasized the necessity of the bill as a measure to prevent similar incidents. “Laken Riley’s murder should not have happened. Our hearts and prayers are with her family and friends as they mourn her loss,” Skrmetti remarked. He also criticized the current administration’s immigration policies, attributing them to a crisis at the border.

The coalition’s letter to the Senate articulates a strong stance against the perceived failures of the federal government to adequately manage immigration and protect the nation’s borders. Highlighting the bipartisan support for the bill in the House, the Attorneys General assert that the Laken Riley Act could serve as a vital tool in the ongoing battle against illegal immigration and its associated challenges.

The call to action is co-led by the Attorneys General of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, with Skrmetti and representatives from Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and West Virginia also lending their support.

As the coalition awaits a response, the Laken Riley Act stands as a testament to the ongoing, complex debate surrounding immigration policy and its implications for national safety and the rule of law in the United States.

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