Tennessee Man Indicted for Boat Tax Evasion

Phillip Jeremy Carter faces charges for fraudulent boat registrations.

A former Union County resident, Phillip Jeremy Carter, has been indicted on charges of tax evasion related to the registration of two boats. The Special Investigations Section of the Tennessee Department of Revenue led the investigation, culminating in Carter’s arrest and a $10,000 bail set for his release.

On March 1, the Union County Grand Jury charged Carter with two felony counts of tax evasion, alleging that he provided false and fraudulent information to the Union County Clerk’s Office. This misrepresentation was specifically regarding the registration process of his two boats, an act that undermines the integrity of state tax compliance efforts.

Revenue Commissioner David Gerregano emphasized the Tennessee Department of Revenue’s commitment to ensuring taxpayer compliance through education, enforcement, and accountability measures. Gerregano stated, “These indictments underscore the department’s ongoing efforts to enforce Tennessee’s tax laws,” highlighting the seriousness with which the state views tax evasion and fraud.

If found guilty, Carter could face up to two years in the state penitentiary for each count of tax evasion, in addition to fines that could total up to $3,000. The case is being pursued in cooperation with the office of District Attorney Jared Effler, underscoring the collaborative effort of Tennessee’s legal and tax enforcement agencies to uphold the law.

The Department of Revenue, which is responsible for administering state tax laws as well as motor vehicle title and registration laws, plays a crucial role in the collection of state revenue. In the fiscal year 2023, the department collected nearly $22 billion in state taxes and fees, along with more than $4.7 billion for local governments, accounting for approximately 87 percent of the total state revenue.

This case serves as a reminder to Tennessee residents of the importance of accurate and truthful compliance with state tax laws and the consequences of fraudulent activities. Citizens are encouraged to report any suspected violations of the state’s revenue laws by calling the toll-free tax fraud hotline.

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