Tennessee Board of Regents Announces Major Updates

New programs, a college name change, and fee revisions were approved.

The Tennessee Board of Regents, overseeing the College System of Tennessee, has approved significant updates in its latest quarterly meeting, including the introduction of new career and technical education programs, a college name change, and revisions to the fee schedule.

In a bid to enhance educational offerings, the Board has sanctioned the start of a new Heavy Equipment Operator program at TCAT Elizabethton’s Boones Creek Campus, set to commence in Spring 2025. Additionally, Information and Infrastructure Technology programs are expected to launch this Fall trimester at TCAT Jackson’s main campus and its Lexington and Whiteville campuses.

A notable change in the college system is the renaming of TCAT Crossville to Tennessee College of Applied Technology Upper Cumberland, effective May 3. This change is part of its consolidation process with TCAT Livingston, aiming for full implementation by Fall 2025, pending accreditation agency approval. The newly named TCAT Upper Cumberland will maintain its Crossville and Livingston campuses to continue serving the Upper Cumberland region’s educational and industry needs.

The Board also addressed fee revisions, particularly adjusting the online course fee to a standardized $25 per credit hour. This adjustment represents an increase for students at eight community colleges and a decrease for those at two others. Additionally, specific class fees at two community colleges will see changes, with increases in four courses and decreases in lab fees for two courses.

Among other actions, the Board approved a resolution honoring Danice Turpin, the retiring President of TCAT Harriman, for her 35 years of service. The meeting also included discussions on faculty emeriti designations, awards for excellence in philanthropy, and updates on plans to bolster student learning supports and legislation affecting the college system.

The meeting coincided with the College System’s 6th annual Statewide Outstanding Achievement Recognition (SOAR) events, celebrating exceptional students, faculty, staff, and partners within the system. The SOAR activities included legislative visits, recognition luncheons, and an awards dinner.

For more details on the meeting and the College System of Tennessee, visit [TBR’s official website](https://www.tbr.edu/board/march-2024-quarterly-board-meeting).

The College System of Tennessee serves as the state’s largest public higher education system, including 13 community colleges, 24 colleges of applied technology, and the TN eCampus, catering to around 140,000 students.


Richard Locker


Published: 03/27/2024

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