TDOT Seeks Public Input on Intercity Bus Services

TDOT launches a survey to assess Tennessee's intercity bus needs.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) has initiated a Statewide Intercity Bus Needs Assessment to evaluate the demand and current use of intercity bus services across Tennessee. This assessment includes a 10-minute online survey designed to gather public input on the subject. The findings from this survey will play a crucial role in understanding the existing state of intercity bus services and will assist in shaping future funding decisions for these services.

Intercity Bus Service, as defined by TDOT, is a type of transportation that provides regular, scheduled bus service for the general public. It operates with limited stops along fixed routes, connecting urban areas that are not in close proximity. This service accommodates passenger luggage and ensures connections with further intercity bus services when available. It’s important to note that this does not include daily commuter services within local areas or infrequent services between limited points. Additionally, there are no specific vehicle size requirements, and rural transit agencies can also provide Intercity Bus Service.

Another aspect of the assessment is examining Feeder Service, which involves the coordination of rural transit connections with major intercity bus carriers. This service aims to create “meaningful connections” at boarding locations of intercity buses, facilitating seamless travel for passengers from rural areas to larger, distant points. These connections can be either fixed-route or demand-responsive.

The survey, accessible at this link, will be open for responses until March 31, 2024. TDOT encourages all residents to participate in the survey to ensure a comprehensive assessment of Tennessee’s intercity bus needs and to guide future improvements and funding for these essential services.

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