Taco Bamba’s Nashville Debut: A Culinary Symphony

Chef Victor Albisu opens Taco Bamba in Nashville with a locally inspired menu.

Nashville, TN is set to experience a new wave of culinary excellence with the opening of Taco Bamba’s first location in the city on March 12, 2024. Chef Victor Albisu, whose name is synonymous with innovation and quality in the food industry, is bringing his James Beard-nominated expertise to 4017 Hillsboro Pike, in the Hill Center at Green Hills. This marks Taco Bamba’s thirteenth location, but for Albisu and his team, it’s more than just a number—it’s an opportunity to weave the local culture into their vibrant menu and restaurant design.

Taco Bamba Nashville promises an experience that resonates with the city’s dynamic spirit. The menu is a love letter to Nashville, featuring dishes that celebrate its people and flavors. Highlights include “Jolena,” a taco that harmonizes crispy cornmeal crusted catfish with agave lime slaw, and “The Broken Holas,” which brings Tennessee whiskey BBQ pork carnitas to the forefront. For vegetarians, the “All American Chica” torta offers a delightful ensemble of garlic herb cream cheese spread, cucumber, and roasted peppers, among other fresh ingredients.

A standout on the menu is the “Sharp Dressed Hombre,” a taco that pays homage to Billy Gibbons and Tim Montana’s Whisker Bomb hot sauce, enveloping slow-roasted brisket in a melody of bold and tangy flavors. The bar program, too, is noteworthy, with creations like “Ole Yella,” a daring mix of mezcal and bourbon, and “His Brother Is Worse,” a tequila-based cocktail that promises a spicy kick.

The ambiance of Taco Bamba Nashville is set to be as captivating as its menu. The restaurant features a “Lucky 13” mural, celebrating its place as Taco Bamba’s thirteenth and latest hit. With a seasonal patio and full-service bar, it’s poised to become a go-to spot for both locals and visitors.

Beyond the kitchen, Chef Albisu is renowned for his commitment to global culinary relief initiatives and community support, making Taco Bamba’s expansion into Nashville not just a culinary venture, but a mission to feed and uplift the community.

Taco Bamba Nashville opens its doors with a promise of good food, great atmosphere, and a genuine connection to the local culture. With hours extending into the late evening and a happy hour poised to attract the after-work crowd, Taco Bamba is ready to make its mark on Nashville’s culinary map.

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