Song of the North”: A Spectacle of Shadow and Light

OZ Arts Nashville to host multimedia shadow play, "Song of the North".

Nashville, Tenn. – March 18, 2024 – OZ Arts Nashville announces an upcoming performance by the innovative multimedia artist Hamid Rahmanian and his company, set to dazzle audiences with the internationally acclaimed shadow play “Song of the North”. This theatrical adaptation of an epic Persian tale captures the essence of love, courage, and an extraordinary heroine through the visual splendor of shadow puppetry combined with projected animation.

“Song of the North” brings to life the story of Manijeh, a heroine from ancient Persia, who embarks on a quest to rescue her beloved and prevent a war, using a vibrant visual display crafted with 500 handmade puppets and film-like theatrical effects. The performance is a celebration of Persian culture, challenging Eurocentric worldviews of art and storytelling by showcasing the richness of Persian poet Ferdowsi’s 10th-century epic, Shahnameh (the Book of Kings).

The show’s journey to Nashville follows a challenging period in late 2023 when the production’s costumes and puppets were stolen after a show in California. Despite this setback, Rahmanian and his crew rebuilt the production, continuing to present their breathtaking show across the country. Rahmanian’s act of publicly forgiving the thieves underscores the show’s themes of heroism and forgiveness.

Mark Murphy, OZ Arts Executive and Artistic Director, expressed excitement about hosting “Song of the North”, noting that the performance exemplifies OZ Arts’ goal of presenting new storytelling methods through adventurous artistry. The performance is scheduled for April 19 and 20 at OZ Arts’ expansive warehouse, with tickets starting at $30.

This performance is made possible through generous donor and grant support. For more information on “Song of the North” and to purchase tickets, please visit A preview trailer of the performance is available here.

About OZ Arts Nashville:

Founded in 2013, OZ Arts Nashville has quickly become one of the Southeast’s leading producers and presenters of significant performing and visual artworks. The organization is dedicated to showcasing the work of diverse cultural visionaries, utilizing new forms and technology in creative ways, and engaging audiences, students, and cultural leaders meaningfully. For more information, visit

About Hamid Rahmanian:

Hamid Rahmanian is a 2014 John Guggenheim Fellow and recipient of the 2020 United States Artists Fellowship. His work spans theater, moving image, and graphic arts, with his creations showcased in international competitions and major film festivals. Rahmanian has also illustrated and adapted the tenth-century Persian epic poem Shahnameh, producing several acclaimed books and theater pieces. For more information on his work, visit the official OZ Arts Nashville website.

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