Schneider Electric Boosts Middle Tennessee Economy with Major Expansion

Schneider Electric's expansion to create over 450 jobs with an $85 million investment.

Governor Bill Lee and Commissioner Stuart C. McWhorter announced today a significant expansion of Schneider Electric’s manufacturing presence in Middle Tennessee, a move poised to bolster the region’s economy with more than 450 new jobs and an $85 million investment. The global leader in energy management and automation plans to establish a new facility in Mt. Juliet, Wilson County, creating 355 jobs, and expand its existing operations in Smyrna, Rutherford County, adding 100 jobs.

This expansion is a testament to Tennessee’s thriving business climate and highly skilled workforce, which have been key factors in attracting and retaining global companies like Schneider Electric. The company’s decision to invest further in Tennessee underscores the state’s role as a critical hub for technological advancement and manufacturing excellence in the energy sector.

Governor Lee praised the expansion, highlighting Schneider Electric’s role in creating valuable opportunities for Tennesseans and contributing to the state’s economic growth. Commissioner McWhorter echoed these sentiments, emphasizing Tennessee’s competitive advantages, including its low cost of doing business and access to a talented workforce.

Schneider Electric’s North America Operations President, Aamir Paul, expressed gratitude for the ongoing partnership with Tennessee, noting the state’s dynamic business environment and skilled workforce as crucial factors in their expansion decision. Local leaders, including Wilson County Mayor Randall Hutto and Smyrna Mayor Mary Esther Reed, welcomed the investment, emphasizing the positive impact on local economies and communities.

The expansion is supported by partnerships with the Tennessee Valley Authority and Middle Tennessee Electric, highlighting the collaborative effort to drive economic development and job creation in the region. State and local officials, including Senators Mark Pody and Shane Reeves, and Representatives Susan Lynn and Mike Sparks, lauded Schneider Electric’s commitment to Tennessee, recognizing the significant contributions to local manufacturing sectors and regional economic momentum.

This announcement marks a milestone in Tennessee’s ongoing efforts to attract high-quality jobs and investments, reinforcing the state’s position as a leading destination for business growth and innovation.

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