Public Notice on Air Pollution Source Permits

Applications for air pollution permits in Nashville are now open for public comment.

The Metro Public Health Department’s Air Pollution Control Division has announced the opening of public comment periods for applications to construct or modify sources of air pollution. These applications, filed for the date of March 29, 2024, are part of the regulatory process governed by the Metropolitan Code of Laws, specifically under Chapter 10.56, titled “Air Pollution Control.”

The specific sections of the law that these applications fall under include Section 10.56.020, dealing with “Construction Permits,” and Section 10.56.040, pertaining to “Operating Permits.” Additionally, these applications are regulated under Section 3-2 of Regulation 3, known as “New Source Review,” which mandates public notification and a 30-day period for public comment.

The Metro Public Health Department has made copies of the application packages available for public review. Interested parties can find these documents at the Vital Records Division located at 2500 Charlotte Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee. This initiative ensures that community members have the opportunity to review and provide their input on projects that may impact air quality in their area.

The deadline for submitting comments on these applications is April 28, 2024. Members of the public wishing to express their views or concerns can do so by sending their comments to the Air Pollution Control Division Office. Comments can also be emailed directly to the division at [email protected].

This public comment period is an essential part of the regulatory process, allowing for community involvement and oversight in projects that could affect the environment and public health. Residents of Nashville and those concerned with air quality standards are encouraged to review the applications and share their feedback with the Metro Public Health Department’s Air Pollution Control Division. For additional information or to request a copy of the application packages, interested individuals can contact the division via email.

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