Nashville Transportation Dept. Launches Online Permitting

Nashville's Department of Transportation will start online permit applications in April 2024.

In a significant move towards digital transformation, the Nashville Department of Transportation (NDOT) has announced its plan to transition its permitting process to an online platform, aiming to enhance efficiency and streamline the application process for right-of-way permits. Starting April 1, 2024, contractors seeking permits for excavation and other related activities will be able to submit their applications through NDOT’s new online system.

This development is part of NDOT’s broader commitment to leveraging technology to improve its services and make interactions with the department more convenient for all stakeholders. By moving the permitting process online, NDOT expects to significantly reduce processing times and improve its internal workflow, benefiting contractors and the department alike.

To facilitate a smooth transition to the new system, contractors are advised to ensure they are registered with Metro Codes as an Excavation contractor. This registration is crucial for accessing the online permitting services. Contractors should update their bond and insurance information if necessary by contacting [email protected]. One week prior to the launch of the online permitting platform, NDOT will distribute usernames and passwords to all active registered contractors, ensuring they have immediate access to the system upon its rollout.

The online platform will offer several benefits to registered users, including the ability to apply for excavation permits, access all permit-related documents in one location, request permit extensions, and auto-populate application forms with previously submitted information.

Recognizing the importance of familiarizing contractors with the new system, NDOT has scheduled in-person training sessions on March 21, March 28, and April 4, 2024. The department encourages interested parties to register for these sessions by March 14, 2024, to secure a spot. These sessions aim to address any questions or concerns contractors might have about the online permitting process and ensure a seamless transition for all users.

For additional information or assistance regarding the new online permitting system or the upcoming training sessions, contractors can reach out to NDOT at 615-862-8782 or via email at [email protected]. This initiative marks a significant step forward in NDOT’s ongoing efforts to modernize its operations and improve the efficiency of Nashville’s transportation infrastructure projects.

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