Nashville Sees Decline in Guns Stolen from Vehicles in 2024

Nashville reports a decrease in firearms stolen from vehicles this year.

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD) is urging residents to adopt more vigilant practices concerning their vehicle security, emphasizing the importance of locking doors, securing valuables, especially firearms, and removing the keys from their vehicles. This appeal comes in the wake of the latest statistics revealing a significant number of guns stolen from vehicles in Nashville.

In the current year, Nashville has witnessed a total of 171 firearms being stolen from vehicles. This figure accounts for a striking 72% of the overall 235 guns reported stolen across Davidson County in 2024. A comparison with the previous year’s data reveals a notable decrease in such incidents. By this time last year, the count of guns stolen from vehicles had reached 274, marking a 37% reduction in the current year’s figures.

This decline is seen as a positive development by the MNPD, but the department continues to stress the connection between vehicle burglaries and subsequent criminal activities. Firearms stolen from vehicles often find their way into the hands of criminals, being used in various offenses including carjackings and robberies. The MNPD also points to a related issue of vehicle theft, often facilitated by owners leaving keys in the car or easily accessible to thieves. These stolen vehicles then become tools for further criminal acts.

The MNPD’s message to the public is clear: taking simple preventative measures can significantly reduce the risk of becoming a victim of these crimes. By ensuring that vehicles are locked, valuables are secured and out of sight, and keys are removed when unattended, vehicle owners can play a crucial role in deterring theft and the potential for violence associated with stolen firearms. The department remains committed to addressing these issues, working towards a safer community for all Nashvillians.

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