Murfreesboro ECC Staff Celebrate Promotions and Lifesavers Award

Three ECC employees receive promotions, and one earns a Lifesavers Award.

The Murfreesboro Emergency Communications Center (MECC) has announced the promotion of three distinguished employees and the presentation of a Lifesavers Award to another, in recognition of their exceptional service and dedication. Director Seth Russell made the announcement, highlighting the center’s commitment to fostering leadership and professional growth within its team.

Dispatcher Randi Price, who joined MECC in January 2016, has been promoted to Communications Supervisor as of December 2023. Price’s journey with the center has seen her take on roles such as Communications Training Officer (CTO) and Quality Assurance Evaluator, demonstrating her versatility and commitment to excellence in emergency communications.

James Smith, another key member of the team, started his career with MECC in November 2017 and has now been promoted to Communications Supervisor in September 2023. Smith’s dedication to his role as a dispatcher/call taker and his subsequent selection as a CTO underscore his contributions to the center’s operations.

Elizabeth Stubblefield, who began working with MECC in January 2017, has been elevated to the position of Communications Coordinator, overseeing the Night Team as the Operations Coordinator since October 2023. Stubblefield’s progression from dispatcher/call taker to CTO and Communications Supervisor, coupled with her recognition as Murfreesboro’s Public Safety Telecommunicator of the Year in 2021, reflects her significant impact on the center’s success.

In addition to celebrating these promotions, MECC honored Communications Training Officer Celeste Thompson with a Lifesavers Award. Thompson was recognized for her critical role in saving the life of a one-year-old baby boy who was not breathing, by efficiently gathering information from the child’s father and coordinating with emergency personnel.

Director Seth Russell emphasized the importance of quality training and professional development in empowering the emergency communications team to effectively respond to calls for help. The promotion and awards ceremony, held at MPD headquarters on Friday, March 22, served as a testament to the center’s values of Teamwork, Integrity, Respect, and Dedication, and its commitment to recognizing and nurturing the leadership potential within its ranks.

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