Murfreesboro Airport Named 2023 Airport of the Year

Murfreesboro Airport wins prestigious aviation award, recognizing its exceptional contributions and developments.

Murfreesboro Municipal Airport has been honored as the ‘2023 Airport of the Year’ by the Tennessee Aeronautics Commission, a recognition highlighting the airport’s significant achievements and advancements. The award was presented to Murfreesboro Airport Director Chad Gehrke and Vice Chair Cannon Loughry, who then presented it to Mayor Shane McFarland during a Council Workshop meeting on March 14, 2024.

This prestigious accolade underscores the combined efforts of the City Council, the airport staff, and various partners in enhancing the airport’s operations, safety, and service quality. Mayor McFarland praised Chad Gehrke for his exceptional leadership and the diligent work of the entire team in securing this recognition from the aviation community. Gehrke also received an individual acknowledgment from the Tennessee Aviation Association (TAA) for his Outstanding Contributions to General Aviation in Tennessee, further solidifying his and the airport’s influence in the state’s aviation sector.

The Murfreesboro Airport’s journey to this recognition involved numerous projects aimed at expanding its capacity and safety. These projects include the establishment of a new Business Center and Terminal, the initiation of a Safety and Capacity Study, and the installation of the state’s first aircraft operations data counter, among others. Furthermore, the airport’s efforts in economic development through the construction of a new hangar and offices have been vital in creating additional jobs and expanding aircraft maintenance and avionics business.

Additionally, the airport was celebrated with the Federal Aviation Administration Southern Region General Aviation Airport Safety Award in 2023, emphasizing its commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards.

The accolades for Murfreesboro Airport and Director Chad Gehrke reflect the vital role of Tennessee’s General Aviation airports in supporting the economy, creating jobs, and training the next generation of pilots. As a past president and current Secretary of the TAA Board of Directors, Gehrke’s leadership extends beyond Murfreesboro, influencing General Aviation across Tennessee.

For more information on the Murfreesboro Municipal Airport and its achievements, visit the official website or contact the Airport Office.

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