Knoxville Sets Meeting to Shape Fair Housing Equity Plan

Knoxville invites public input on developing a Fair Housing Equity Plan.

The City of Knoxville’s Housing and Neighborhood Development division is calling upon its residents to play a crucial role in the formulation of a groundbreaking Fair Housing Equity Plan. A public meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 12, 2024, at 6 p.m., set to take place at the Cansler Family YMCA located at 616 Jessamine Street. This initiative aims to tackle issues of racial and ethnic segregation, poverty concentration, and to enhance areas of opportunity through a comprehensive analysis and reevaluation of existing public policies and programs.

In an innovative move, the City has teamed up with the Community Solutions Collaborative (CSC) to draft the Equity Plan, ensuring the incorporation of community feedback every step of the way. Rob Breymaier, a representative from CSC, will lead the discussion at the meeting, highlighting the significant impact of Equity Plans in diminishing disparities and fostering a more prosperous and equitable housing landscape.

The development of the Fair Housing Equity Plan is an inclusive effort, emphasizing the importance of public participation. The City of Knoxville is committed to providing accessible and equitable opportunities for all residents to contribute to the planning process. This includes ensuring compliance with Civil Rights Title VI and ADA Title II laws by offering a variety of support services such as translation, interpretation, and accommodations for individuals with disabilities.

Residents interested in contributing to the development of a more equitable Knoxville are encouraged to request necessary services ahead of the meeting and to learn more about the plan by visiting This meeting represents a pivotal opportunity for the community to voice their opinions and aid in shaping a plan that addresses critical housing issues while paving the way for a more inclusive and fair Knoxville.

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