Knoxville Launches Brush Pickup Season on March 4, 2024

Knoxville residents get ready for annual brush pickup starting March 4.

Residents of Knoxville can look forward to the city’s annual brush pickup service commencing on Monday, March 4, 2024, marking the start of the city’s Public Service crew’s brush season. This essential service aids locals in managing their yard waste, including leaves, sticks, and small limbs, as part of their routine yard maintenance.

Public Service Director Chad Weth emphasized the importance of the week-of schedule, which adapts to varying brush volumes throughout the season and allows crews to manage their routes efficiently. Knoxville, known for its picturesque four-season climate, requires its residents to adapt to the dual-season schedule of leaf and brush collection managed by the city’s Public Service teams.

The brush collection process involves specialized trucks equipped with knuckleboom arms designed to handle yard debris. These trucks will operate on a two-week rotation across neighborhoods. Residents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with their assigned pickup weeks—either week 1 or week 2—and prepare their brush piles accordingly at the beginning of their designated week.

To ensure a smooth pickup process, there are several guidelines residents should follow:

– Brush piles should be placed away from obstacles such as low-hanging cables, wires, and tree limbs to avoid damage from the knuckleboom arm.

– Piles should be positioned clear of fences, light poles, mailboxes, and other objects that could be damaged during collection.

– The brush should not include trash, recyclable items, bulky waste, or construction debris and should be limited to a single pile no larger than 6 feet in each dimension.

Additionally, contractors hired for yard work are responsible for the removal of the waste they generate. This measure ensures that the city’s resources are focused on assisting residents with their yard maintenance and not commercial waste removal.

Residents seeking more information about the brush pickup schedule, including how to determine their pickup week, can visit the city’s official website at The site also offers resources for those who might experience a missed pickup, advising them to wait 24 hours before reporting the issue through the 311 service or the MyKnoxville app.

The city’s Public Service Department is dedicated to keeping Knoxville clean and tidy, supporting residents in maintaining the beauty of their homes and neighborhoods through this and many other services.

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