Gov. Lee Supports Troops Ahead of Border Deployment

Gov. Bill Lee visits troops before their deployment to the U.S. Southern border.

In a significant show of support, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee visited members of the Tennessee National Guard at the Millington Tennessee Army National Guard Armory. This visit comes just before the soldiers’ deployment to the U.S. Southern border, marking a pivotal moment in response to what has been described as the most severe border crisis in recent U.S. history.

During his visit, Governor Lee underscored the gravity of the situation at the Southern border, emphasizing the detrimental impact of rising crime rates, drug trafficking, and human trafficking on American communities. He highlighted the collective efforts of state governors to secure the border amidst what he perceives as federal inaction. “America continues to face an unprecedented border crisis,” Lee stated, praising the Tennessee National Guard members for their readiness to serve in these critical times.

The deployment, dubbed “Operation Lone Star,” will see around 50 volunteers from the Tennessee National Guard head to Texas. This initiative is part of a broader commitment by Governor Lee last month to dispatch two waves of state active-duty soldiers to assist with the border situation. The focus is on bolstering Texas’ efforts to manage the surge in illegal crossings and combat the trafficking of humans and deadly drugs like fentanyl.

Tennessee’s commitment to supporting Texas in border security initiatives is not new. Despite facing criticism and legal challenges from the current federal administration for its proactive stance, Tennessee remains steadfast in providing necessary resources to address the crisis.

Accompanying Governor Lee during his visit were notable figures, including First Lady Maria Lee, U.S. Congressman David Kustoff, and several state senators and representatives. Their presence underscores the broad support for the National Guard’s mission among Tennessee’s leadership.

As the Tennessee Department of Military continues to liaise with Texas to pinpoint areas of greatest need, the departure of these soldiers marks a significant moment in Tennessee’s ongoing support for border security efforts.

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