Celebrating a Decade: Music City Center Unveils New Artwork

Music City Center unveils a unique piece to mark its 10th anniversary.

Nashville, Tenn. – In a vibrant celebration of its tenth year of operation, Music City Center has unveiled an exclusive piece of artwork that encapsulates the essence of its achievements and the architectural elegance of the facility itself. The ceremony, led by Music City Center President and CEO Charles Starks, showcased “The First Ten Years,” a significant artwork by local artist Tony Sobota, in the presence of Convention Center Authority board members and distinguished guests.

The artwork, a striking acrylic painting on interlocking birch panels, measures an impressive 96” x 192”. It was selected for its unique design and creative representation of Music City Center’s iconic structure and its ten-year journey. Commissioned in November and installed in February, the piece remained a closely guarded secret until its grand unveiling today.

Tony Sobota, the artist behind the masterpiece, drew inspiration from the iconic, wavy design of the Music City Center. “This painting is a tribute to the collective efforts of the individuals who ensure the smooth operation of this magnificent facility,” Sobota remarked during the unveiling.

Charles Starks expressed his enthusiasm for the new addition to the center’s art collection, highlighting its significance. “This artwork not only commemorates our first decade of success but also signals our commitment to the future. By incorporating it into our art collection, we celebrate local talent and enrich the experience for our visitors,” Starks stated.

Since its inception in May 2013, Music City Center has significantly impacted the Nashville region, generating $3.3 billion in direct economic benefit. It has hosted 2,335 events, attracting 4.4 million attendees. With events booked through 2033 and proposals stretching to 2043, the center’s influence continues to grow.

“The First Ten Years” is displayed on the east side of the Davidson Ballroom, becoming a part of Music City Center’s extensive art collection, valued at over $2 million. This collection, which spans a wide range of artistic media, reflects the center’s dedication to supporting local artists and enhancing cultural experiences for its guests. The entire collection is available for public viewing online, marking a year-long celebration of the center’s ten-year anniversary.

Located in downtown Nashville, Music City Center spans over 2.1 million square feet and is designed to host a variety of events, from conventions and trade shows to community gatherings. Its mission is to drive economic benefits to the greater Nashville area, with a focus on community inclusion, sustainability, and outstanding customer service.

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