Augusta Quarry Undergoes $5.4 Million Revamp

Augusta Quarry's upgrades include restrooms, an overlook, and swim platforms.

The renowned Augusta Quarry, nestled within the scenic confines of Fort Dickerson Park, is set to temporarily close its doors to the public starting Monday, March 4, 2024. This closure marks the beginning of an extensive nine-month renovation project spearheaded by Southern Constructors Inc. The project, valued at $3.6 million, aims to introduce a variety of new amenities to the quarry, including the addition of its first-ever restrooms, an expanded overlook, an upgraded pedestrian path leading to the water, and innovative floating beach and swim platforms. These enhancements are part of a broader initiative to make Augusta Quarry a more family-friendly and accessible destination.

The comprehensive upgrade is part of the City’s ambitious plan to invest nearly $5.4 million in the quarry, when combined with the previous $1.77 million spent on improving the entrance and accessibility in Phase I. Wes Soward, the City’s Urban Wilderness Coordinator, emphasized the ongoing efforts to transform the once neglected industrial site into a focal point of urban wilderness. According to Soward, the project is a testament to the power of public-private partnerships and community engagement in revitalizing public spaces.

The design team, composed of Sanders Pace Architecture, Port Urbanism, JMT Engineering, and the Haines Structural Group, has been applauded for creating a plan that harmonizes with the quarry’s natural rugged beauty. The Aslan Foundation, the project’s largest funding partner, has been instrumental in envisioning the quarry’s transformation, building on its mission to foster exceptional public spaces.

Despite the temporary closure of the quarry and its Augusta Avenue entrance and parking facilities, officials have assured that the Chapman Highway entrance to Fort Dickerson Park, along with its picnic areas and upper trails, will remain open to the public. Looking ahead, the City plans to further enhance Fort Dickerson Park by improving the overlook on the east side and ensuring the conservation and accessibility of the historic Civil War earthworks.

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