Arrest Made in Valentine’s Night Candle Company Murder

Suspect arrested in Coopertown for February 14th murder at a candle company.
Public Safety

In a significant breakthrough, Specialized Investigations Division detectives have apprehended 31-year-old Patrick G. Cathey, a key suspect in the tragic Valentine’s Day murder of 34-year-old Steven Yates. The fatal incident occurred at a candle company located on Old Franklin Road, where Yates was gainfully employed.

Cathey’s arrest took place this afternoon in Coopertown, located in Robertson County, marking a crucial step forward in the investigation. Authorities have charged him with criminal homicide following the investigation’s findings, which suggest that Yates was the target of a drug-related robbery. The confrontation turned deadly when Yates met with Cathey and co-defendant Nicole Tishma, 37, in the parking lot of his workplace, leading to him being fatally shot.

Nicole Tishma was arrested on February 20th in Oak Grove, Kentucky. Currently held as a fugitive, Tishma’s extradition to Nashville to face criminal homicide charges is underway. The arrests of Cathey and Tishma bring some solace to the community and Yates’s family, as law enforcement continues to piece together the events that led to this unfortunate loss of life on what is traditionally a day of love and celebration.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the unforeseen dangers and the intertwining of crime and everyday lives. As the case progresses, the community hopes for justice for Steven Yates and his loved ones.

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