2022 Annual Water Quality Report Released Online

The 2022 water quality report confirms safe drinking water.

The 2022 Annual Water Quality Report has been officially published online, aiming to provide all necessary information about the drinking water quality over the past year. The report is an essential resource for residents, designed to keep them well-informed about the water services and the safety of the drinking water supplied to them.

Highlighting the commitment to transparency and public health, the report details the sources of the drinking water, the quality of the water, and any treatments it has undergone to ensure its safety for consumption. The primary takeaway from the report is the assurance that the drinking water meets all safety standards and is safe for everyday use.

Residents interested in obtaining more detailed information or those who prefer a physical copy of the report can do so by contacting the provided phone number, (615) 848-3209, or by sending an email request. The publication of this report underscores the ongoing efforts to maintain high standards of water quality and to keep the public informed about the essential services that support their well-being.

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