Tennessee Schools Earn Top Marks

Tennessee recognizes outstanding school performance.

The Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE) has proudly announced the latest school and district designations for the 2022-23 school year, shining a spotlight on the highest performing educational institutions across the state. In a significant achievement, 400 schools across 98 districts have been honored with the Reward School designation, acknowledging their exceptional student achievement and growth.

Additionally, 12 districts have been distinguished as Exemplary Districts, a title that underscores their comprehensive excellence across various performance indicators, including student proficiency, growth, attendance, graduation rates, and support for English learners. The Exemplary districts for this year include notable names such as Bells City Schools, Bledsoe County Schools, and Johnson City Schools, among others.

Conversely, seven districts have been identified as In Need of Improvement, signaling a call to action to enhance student outcomes and overall performance.

Lizzette Reynolds, Commissioner of Education, expressed her enthusiasm for the educators and leaders behind the success of the Reward Schools and Exemplary Districts. “These annual designations are a testament to the hard work our educators and school and district leaders provide to students each and every day across the state,” Reynolds remarked. She emphasized the importance of these designations in highlighting the commitment to student growth and learning.

The recognition of Reward Schools is particularly significant, as it places emphasis on schools that have demonstrated substantial performance and improvement across all key indicators from the previous school year. This includes not just academic achievement, but also factors such as attendance and readiness for postsecondary success.

The announcement of these designations followed their presentation and approval by the State Board of Education on February 16th. The TDOE has made the complete list of designations available on its accountability webpage, offering a transparent look at the state’s educational landscape.

This annual evaluation and recognition process underscores Tennessee’s commitment to educational excellence and continuous improvement. As schools and districts across the state celebrate their achievements, the TDOE’s focus on accountability and recognition promises to drive further success in the coming years.

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